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About us


xSellco has one goal: to simplify and solve
eCommerce for online sellers

High-performance helpdesk

xSellco offers a suite of products which help sellers all over the world accelerate growth in every aspect of their business. From sales, to engagement, to support, to reputation, more than 3,000 customers globally are selling more with xSellco. 

eDesk by xSellco is our high-performance helpdesk for online sellers.

high performance
intelligent support

Intelligent support, built for eCommerce

Technology has transformed the way we sell & heightened customer expectations. Online sellers need to sell across multiple marketplaces, meet customer demands and beat their SLAs. This causes disconnected conversations, time-consuming, manual work across multiple marketplaces and frustrated customers.

eCommerce Resolution

Enter eDesk; intelligent support, built for eCommerce. By integrating with all major marketplaces, shopping carts and social channels, eDesk handles the support so you can get back to selling. 

edesk illustration

Next generation of helpdesks

eDesk by xSellco is the next generation of helpdesks. Faster, with a brand new interface, one-click A.I. assisted ticket resolution and additional marketplace integrations, eDesk is the natural evolution of xSellco’s original HelpDesk offering. 

xSellco was founded by tech entrepreneur Ray Nolan,
creator of Hostelworld, Coretime and chairman of Skyscanner.